Welcome to the Exeter University Sub Aqua Club web site. As a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) we are able to conduct in club training at the lowest possible cost. So whether you want to observe marine life in its natural environment, explore the many wrecks off Devon and Cornwall or simply learn to dive before you go on holiday, this is the place to be and the club to join!

Being affiliated with the BSAC (Branch Number 0246) we are in a position to offer BSAC diver training at all levels, as well as a variety of Skill Development Courses throughout the year.

If you are a member of the University, and want to find out if diving is really for you, then contact us to arrange a free “try dive” pool session to try it out for yourself and see how fun it is.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out more about scuba diving in general, or EUSAC in particular, use the links above to dive into our site…

  About Us and BSAC

When joining EUSAC, BSAC membership is needed and can either be acquired through the club or from BSAC direct.

BSAC is the governing body for sport diving in the United Kingdom. To join BSAC means attaining a high standard of education and training, which will allow you to take part in recreational diving both in the UK and abroad.

Once beyond initial training, diving within the BSAC branch structure helps you gain diving experience in a safe and supported manner. For those of you who are already qualified with BSAC, PADI or any other diving organization, you are more than welcome to join EUSAC and continue your diving and, if you wish, obtain a higher qualification or take part in a cross over course.

Membership of EUSAC is open to all staff and students of Exeter University; you can join in a few ways. We also have a number of experienced non-uni members who are qualified BSAC instructors and assist with training. We carry out most of our diving around Devon, with occasional trips further afield.

If you still have questions, use the links above to find out more or contact us and get in touch.